"Up" sound in a piece of air conditioning industry pattern accelerated differentiation

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2024/03/13 10:21

Entering April also represents the start of the peak season for air-conditioning sales. However, compared with the "Red April" of air-conditioning companies in previous years, this year's peak season was first poured cold water by the "price increase. Since mid-March, Haier, Midea and others have announced to adjust the ex-factory prices of their products. Since April 1, Gree has also officially adjusted the price of household air-conditioning products, with the on-hook increasing by 100-300 yuan/set and the cabinet increasing by 100-500 yuan/set. At the same time, Oaks also started to raise the price of air-conditioning products by 3%-5%. With the high prices of bulk raw materials such as copper, steel, and plastics, home appliance terminal products have "risen". Not only air conditioners are rising, but different types of home appliances such as ice-washing kitchens have ushered in different price adjustments.
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