High efficiency refrigeration machine room

An efficient computer room refers to a refrigeration system that can provide a high energy efficiency ratio (EER), and while improving energy utilization efficiency, ensures the high efficiency of the computer room operation. In order to achieve this goal, efficient computer rooms need to be equipped with efficient equipment, such as water pumps, cooling towers, etc., and efficient host products must be provided to meet the needs of computer room construction.
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Energy-saving renovation project

Factory waste heat, waste heat (cold) recycling, air conditioning system heat (cold) recovery, motor equipment frequency conversion energy-saving transformation, water pump constant pressure water supply transformation, refrigeration system optimization transformation.
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Constant temperature and humidity air conditioning project

Constant temperature and humidity air conditioner refers to a special air conditioner with strict requirements on temperature, humidity and cleanliness. It has the functions of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise and environmental protection. It can be widely used in electronics, optical equipment, cosmetics, medical and health, biopharmaceuticals, Food manufacturing, various measurement, testing and laboratory industries.
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