Beverage plant cooling system

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The cooling water of beverage production line is mainly used in: cooling after UHT sterilization, cooling tunnel after hot filling, injection molding cooling of bottle embryo, cooling of bottle blowing machine, low temperature cooling of carbonic acid mixing ratio section, and plate replacement cooling after sugar dissolution.




Production Process of Carbonated Beverage

(I) Process Flow (One-time Filling Method)
Purification of CO2

Water source → water treatment → cooling and degassing → purification → quantitative blending → cooling and mixing → filling → capping → inspection → finished product
White granulated sugar → weighing → dissolving → filtering → syrup blending inspection ← disinfection ← cleaning ← container

(II) production process-secondary filling

Drinking water → water treatment → cooling → gas-water mixing ← CO2

Syrup → blending → cooling → grouting → water filling → sealing → mixing → inspection → finished beverage
Container → cleaning → inspection




In order to improve the quality of products and the service life of machinery and equipment, the plate heat exchanger is used to make the internal circulating water cleaner.