High efficiency refrigeration machine room

High efficiency refrigeration machine room

An efficient computer room refers to a refrigeration system that can provide a high energy efficiency ratio (EER), and while improving energy utilization efficiency, ensures the high efficiency of the computer room operation. In order to achieve this goal, efficient computer rooms need to be equipped with efficient equipment, such as water pumps, cooling towers, etc., and efficient host products must be provided to meet the needs of computer room construction.



1. Background of efficient computer room
The proposal of high-efficiency computer rooms complies with the "Green and Efficient Refrigeration Action Plan" issued by seven ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission in 2019. The plan proposes that by 2030, the refrigeration energy efficiency of large public buildings will increase by 30%, the overall energy efficiency level of refrigeration will increase by more than 25%, and the market share of green and efficient refrigeration products will increase by more than 40%.
It can be seen that the concept of high-efficiency computer rooms has risen to the national level, but the development of high-efficiency computer rooms in China is still in its infancy, and most building air-conditioning systems in our country are still large energy consumers. According to statistics, air conditioning power consumption accounts for about 50% of the total building power consumption in public buildings, and the energy consumption of the computer room system (including refrigeration host, chilled water pump, cooling water pump, cooling tower) accounts for about 85% of the air conditioning system. Therefore, in order to save energy, improving the overall efficiency of the computer room system is the first priority.
According to the standards proposed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the "annual comprehensive energy efficiency of the chiller room" is used to evaluate whether the chiller room is efficient. A comprehensive energy efficiency COP of 5.0 or above is a high-efficiency computer room, and a comprehensive energy efficiency COP of 3.5 is required. Renovated machine room.
According to statistics, the current COP of most central air-conditioning rooms in our country is 2.5~3.5, indicating that most of them need to be modified.

2. An efficient computer room includes the following four aspects:
1. High-efficiency equipment, mainly including chillers, water pumps, cooling towers and other major energy-consuming equipment in air-conditioning rooms;
2. The main goal of the in-depth energy-saving design of the waterway system is to reduce system resistance and reduce energy consumption of the transmission and distribution system;
3. Intelligent control system and energy consumption and energy efficiency evaluation system. For efficient computer rooms, there must be a complete and accurate monitoring and energy consumption and energy efficiency evaluation system, which can clearly understand the energy efficiency of each equipment and system, and compare and analyze the design efficiency and actual operating efficiency. The intelligent control system is used to analyze the data and optimize the operation strategy in real time to ensure the continuous efficient and healthy operation of the air conditioning system.
4. The central air-conditioning machine room management model has changed from extensive to refined. Through digital intelligent management, system losses can be reduced, reliance on people has been eliminated, and predictive maintenance can be achieved.

3. Realization of efficient computer room
Guangzhou Lingfu Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd., as a senior central air-conditioning high-efficiency computer room service provider, integrates domestic and foreign advanced technologies to independently develop a digital smart cloud control platform system to provide customers with professional, reasonable, energy-saving and efficient computer room solutions. The main service contents are as follows:
1. Provide design and professional technical consulting services for efficient computer room management systems, and provide customized solutions based on the specific needs of the computer room.
2. Use the core algorithms on the precise prediction, automatic adaptation and expert management technology platform to achieve energy saving without affecting the circulation flow and temperature at the end of the system.
3. Adopt fully digital control technology design, and effectively control the operation of the equipment according to the inverter operating specifications, so as to achieve real-time adjustment according to the weather, flow of people, indoor temperature and humidity, etc., to achieve intelligent and efficient operation of the central air-conditioning machine room equipment.
4. Intelligent management of data makes inspection records, energy consumption records, historical data and other computer room-related data visible, manageable and controllable, providing credible data support for later operation and maintenance management.

4. Conclusion:
High-efficiency computer rooms have always been considered by the industry to be a new trend in the development of chillers in the next few years. Guangzhou Lingfu Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in central air-conditioning operation and maintenance management for many years. It has independently developed the country's leading high-efficiency central air-conditioning smart cloud control platform system, which can improve customers' comfort level of central air-conditioning through precise digital management. Achieve efficient and healthy operation of customers' central air-conditioning systems and truly achieve energy saving, efficiency improvement and carbon reduction.


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