Refrigerant market mixed last week

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1. price trend
According to the monitoring of bulk data from the business agency, as of April 8, the average price of refrigerant R22 was 17666.67 yuan/ton, up 1.92 percent from the beginning of the week and 10.88 percent from the same period last year.
According to the business agency's bulk data monitoring, as of April 8, the average price of refrigerant R134a was 24833.33 yuan/ton, down 0.67 from the beginning of the month and up 14.09 from the same period last year.

2. market analysis
Last week, the refrigerant R22 market rose, enterprises raised more than 500 yuan/ton, the market center of gravity moved up. Recently, the price of raw material hydrofluoric acid has risen slightly, chloroform has remained stable at a high level, and the cost side has strong support. In addition, as April enters the peak season, the demand side has gradually strengthened support. Manufacturers are in a strong mood for prices and the price is bullish. As of the weekend, the price of raw material hydrofluoric acid is mostly in the 11500 yuan/ton, chloroform is in the 5925 yuan/ton range, R22 market quotation is mostly in the 17500-18000 yuan/ton, and Shandong region, the quotation in Zhejiang is about 17500-18500 yuan/ton, Hunan is about 17500-18000 yuan/ton, and Guangzhou is about 18000 yuan/ton.
Last week, the refrigerant R134a market down, the enterprise quote steady decline. Recently, the price of raw material hydrofluoric acid rose slightly, the price of trichloroethylene fell, the cost support weakened, coupled with the poor demand for downstream cars, refrigerant enterprises under pressure to ship, at the same time, the impact of public events continued, logistics was not smooth, the industry's mentality was pessimistic, R134a prices fell. At present, R134a market quotation is mostly in the range of 23500-26000 yuan/ton, Zhejiang region quotation is about 23500-25500 yuan/ton, Hunan region quotation is about 24000-24500 yuan/ton, Guangzhou region quotation is about 25000 yuan/ton.
In terms of raw materials, the price trend of domestic hydrofluoric acid rose slightly this week. Up to now, the mainstream price of hydrofluoric acid negotiated in various regions of the country is 10600-11100 yuan/ton. Some manufacturers' quotations are higher than the market price. The actual transaction price on the market rose mainly this week. Recently, the spot supply of domestic hydrofluoric acid decreased and the market price trend of hydrofluoric acid rose slightly.
3. market forecast
Refrigerant analysts of the Business Society believe that at present, refrigerant R22 is supported by cost, and the price of manufacturers is rising. There are still upward expectations in the short term. R134a cost demand is both weak, and enterprise shipments are under pressure. It will continue to fall in the short term.

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