Maintenance Business

Maintenance Business

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Cooling tower maintenance
Reason: In the cooling tower, there are a lot of biological algae and algae mud, which will spread from the cooling tower to the cooling system with the water circulation.
Impact: Algae and algae mud will block the filter and condenser, resulting in reduced water flow, so that the host to produce high temperature, high pressure, and even automatic protection shutdown.
Maintenance: After cleaning the cooling tower dirt and algae fungi, it can ensure the cooling effect of the cooling tower and improve the performance of the cooling system; protect the filler in the cooling tower and extend its service life.

Condenser cleaning
Reason: In the repeated operation of the air-conditioning host for countless times, a large number of bacteria, algae, slime, floating rust, scale, oil, etc. mixed in the water will be wrapped in the inner wall of the condenser copper tube.
Impact: Affect the heat dissipation of the condenser, resulting in an increase in the condenser pressure, an increase in the compressor motor current, a doubling of the running time, and a significant increase in power consumption; according to the experimental results, the dirt on the condenser reaches a thickness of 0.30mm, and the compressor The working time will be doubled.
Maintenance: After the main engine is turned on, when the condenser is in a clean state, the heat dissipation is good, the set temperature drops to the set temperature quickly, and the compressor automatically stops working.

Mainframe maintenance
Reason: The refrigerating oil plays a lubricating role inside the compressor; the refrigerating oil will age with time, and its various performance indicators will gradually decrease; when the compressor is running, the refrigerating oil will deteriorate under high temperature and high pressure environment and gradually lose its lubrication function.
Impact: The aging of the refrigerating oil will increase the friction and wear of the moving parts of the compressor and shorten the service life of the compressor. In addition, the seal between the shaft seal of the compressor and the cylinder and the piston is not sealed, and the refrigerant will leak.
Maintenance: Reduce the friction and wear of the moving parts of the compressor and extend the service life of the compressor.

End maintenance
Reason: the air conditioning end fan coil in the process of return air, filter indoor air dust, after a period of time, will accumulate a lot of dust in the filter.
Impact: The dust of the filter screen directly affects the return air effect, making the indoor air heat exchange slow, * eventually leading to the indoor can not reach the ideal temperature in the expected time.
Maintenance: After cleaning the end of the air conditioner, the indoor return air effect is improved, so that the indoor temperature can be quickly reduced to the set temperature.

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